Someone took an interest in my knitting...and it's not the cat...

Someone took an interest in my knitting…and it’s not the cat…

This weekend was simply lovely. Here are the highlights:

~ just spending low-key family time and staying mostly at home
~ making bread and yummy leek and potato soup
~ Bea’s strides into talking – she is making more and more recognizable sounds and words
~ some quiet time (in more ways than one as I have laryngitis)
~ singing while cooking dinner (which most likely led to said laryngitis as my voice as already croaky due to a cold)
~ a bit of time for freelance work
~ a bit of time for knitting
~ video/message chats with family
~ getting the yarn and new pattern for my afghan project + some more lovely yarn…just because…
~ family cuddles
~ Steve playing the uke for Bea

Hope you all had a lovely weekend too – enjoy the week ahead :)

* Linking and weekending with Amanda

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  1. Lovely! Except for laryngitis. That’s not so lovely, and hopefully over soon!
    We had potato and leek soup too today, it’s just the weather for it! :)

    • Yes – the laryngitis deffo not a highlight – and Bea is at the stage where she wants me to say things over and over…and she keeps giving me these puzzled looks saying ‘Whyyyy are you whispering, Mummy?’

  2. sounds like a cozy way to spend the weekend. hope your voice comes back soon!

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