This weekend:

~ we enjoyed more family time – just the three of us and our cat Guin; it sounds a bit anti-social, but we like it this way right now – time is precious!
~ I discovered Instagram - fun!
~ there was a LOT of rain, so…
~ there was more bread making
~ there was more soup making (puy lentils, spinach and tomatoes this time – with a punch of garlic!)
~ Bea slept in – yay!
~ Steve did his first ever Big Tidy Up around the village pre-school – we are very proud of him!
~ there was a lot of chortles and giggles and cuddles
~ is seeing the back of my coughing and spluttering…slowly, but surely
~ there was a lot of listening to music on vinyl – such a warming thing to do
~ we all went to the library – and Bea took a shine to a little boy – so much so that when he said good-bye before leaving, she ran after him and gave him a hug!

Hope you all had a lovely one, too. Enjoy the week ahead.

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  1. I read “soap making” then thought hmmm lentil scented soap, um, okay. Now that it’s soup it sounds heavenly!!!! I hope the cough goes away for good!

  2. Love music on vinyl! My husband has a turnable in his workroom downstairs, and I love to hear the warm sounds coming from there as he listens from time to time. Feel better soon!

  3. Sounds lovely, Renee! My mum is keeping her old record player in her cellar for us to pick up one day! And so sweet, the little love in the library! :)

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