It gives and it takes

by Renee

Today I spent some time with a young colleague who just lost her mom to cancer. It was her first day back at work since her mom’s death and her feelings are still ever so raw. So many thoughts and questions: How could this happen? It’s so unfair. How could things go on as usual when her world has stopped? So good, so young and robbed of a full life, leaving behind so much pain, sadness and loss.

All I could do was listen and cry with her; send love and healing thoughts. I couldn’t fix it, and I don’t think any amount of comforting could take away the pain. And it made me think of how life has so much beauty and joy to give, but it could also deal some pretty crappy cards in equal measure. The yang must come with its yin to be whole; and perhaps we only wholly and fully appreciate the highs if we know what the lonely, desperate lows are too.