On cycling

by Renee

This weekend we attended a two-day Permaculture for Transition course, which was run by The Brighton Permaculture Trust. The whole idea of the course is to apply permaculture design principles to transition projects. It was good to find out more about our locality and our strengths as a transition group. The venue for the course was a houseboat called Verda – very cool.

The course reinforced a lot of things for me. Once again, it’s made me face up to my strengths and weaknesses, and I am once again being reminded to be true to myself and to do the things I want to do. That it’s okay if I pare back my role in TTW; it’s okay for me to do only the projects that interest me most; that this is not selfish. That in fact, by looking after myself I will most likely be a more focused and productive member of the group. Permaculture ethics are based on Earth care, people share and fair share. Looking after myself is definitely people care; I mustn’t beat myself up for not being able to do everything for everyone. That I am enough just standing still (thank you Mondo Beyondo).

One of the best parts of the weekend is the 10-mile cycle from our place to the houseboat. Most of the route was on the seafront – the views are beautiful. I SO love cycling. It makes me feel like a kid; it’s so freeing and liberating and it makes me feel so alive. I am grateful I am able to incorporate it into my daily life. People should cycle more – it just feels so good and I am certain it will solve a lot of the problems we’ve recently got. I also just got a new bike courtesy of our cycle-to-work scheme. My new bike is so sleek, light and fast. However, I can’t get myself to part with my other bike – it has looked after me and served me well, and it’s so different from my new one. Is it wrong to keep both? Greedy? Hmmm…I am still mulling this one over. In the meantime, perhaps I’ll alternate bikes for my commute every week.