Knitting saves the day

by Renee

There are times when I really can’t help but wonder where we are going with transition. So many people out there still don’t know about it or simply won’t engage, and even in our own membership, there are still those who would rather be passive spectators than pro-active movers and shakers. Someone once said, ‘If you’re not part of the solution, then you’re part of the problem’. I’m sure everyone has their stories and reasons, but really, which category would you rather be in?

Even in our own TTW core group, there are varied opinions and approaches. There are those who like order, structure, focus, positivity and action (peeps like me); those who prefer to do things totally ‘organically’ and just see what happens without doing much of anything (really?!); and those who totally don’t have an opinion either way (why not?). There are those who just do as they are told; and those who criticize and come up with grandiose ideas, expecting others to execute these plans for them. Where is the happy balance? It’s hard to accept, but I guess we are each right to think and feel the way we do.

It all just makes me want to throw in the towel sometimes. In these moments of frustration it’s hard to stay positive and I just think, ‘Oh sod it – I’ll just do what I think is right and you lot can do whatever you want to do’. Why should I waste my energy on something that is not reaping much reward? But where is the community spirit and positivity in that?

So, in a slightly disgruntled mood and with a bit of a heavy heart, I decided to visit Caroline at her Wool Bar shop during lunch time. I thought I’d get out of the office and be kind to myself – go somewhere lovely and work on my knitting project. As soon as I walked in, I felt so much better. I was greeted warmly by fellow knitters and creative women, all of us ‘ooohing’ and ‘aaahhhing’ at the array of beautiful wool on display. I even bought myself one of Caroline’s homemade pin cushion jars, which I have now filled with my button collection (courtesy of my lovely friend Nicky). Above is a picture of said pretty jar.

What’s more, Caroline gave me a whole bunch of colourful knitted squares that some elderly women knitted and donated for our re-skilling group’s ‘Share and Square’ project. I was so touched. The aim of our ‘Share and Square’ project is for people to learn knitting or improve their knitting skills, or simply share time and companionship. Once we have enough of these knitted squares, we will sew them all together into blankets and donate them to the Worthing Churches Homeless Project.

In a space of less than an hour, I started to feel a bit more buoyant about the whole transition idea again. I guess it is inevitable that there will be highs and lows, peaks and troughs. And I have to accept that it’s OKAY to sometimes feel this way. I’ll just have to rest, play and knit my way through the not-so-bright patches.

Here’s some pics of our burgeoning square collection – someone has even crocheted big square centre pieces!

Surely we have enough there for at least one decent-sized blanket?