Hello Autumn

by Renee

Hello! The last time I posted, it was summer. So very many things have happened since then: numerous personal projects and revelations, a trip to Canada, quality family time, a truly beautiful wedding filled with love and warmth.

And now autumn is truly upon us – my favourite season! I am feeling a bit overwhelmed and I’m still trying desperately to catch up with things, while also cutting back on other stuff. But there are so many blessings to be thankful for and I feel so much better than when I posted last :o) I am really trying to be kind to myself; to listen to myself and nurture myself. Sounds selfish, non? But I am learning that if I look after myself, I can be the best me I can be, and hopefully this helps to make the immediate world around me a bit better.

As part of this self-nurturing process, I’ve signed up for Marianne Elliott’s 30 Days of Yoga Karma Edition. I am totally loving it and every time I do it, my body and mind are happy and grateful. My intent is to achieve more strength, focus and balance – everyday I feel closer to my goals.

Today, my lovely chum took me for a walk in Arundel. We browsed in book shops and antique shops, and I took quite a shine to this lovely pair:

Aren’t they sweet? I’ve been looking for book ends for a while, and there they were :o) I can’t wait to use them – I’ll give them a bit of a clean and sprucing up first, though. My oak owls – yay!

One of my aunties gave me a new point-and-shoot camera (thanks Tita Sarah!) and methinks this will give me a nudge to post on my blog more. Watch this space…