Projects, projects, projects

by Renee

Finally, I am able to share on here one of my biggest accomplishments this past year :o) Late last year, I decided to knit a blanket for my sister and her now husband as a surprise wedding present. I am proud to say that I finished it on time, and I can truly say that I made every stitch with lots of joy and love. Here’s the finished product (a big thank you to my other sister who took the pics – mwah!):

Now that this big project is finished, I feel like something is missing…so onwards and upwards to new projects! At the moment, I am making smaller bits and pieces, but I thought I’d also knit something for myself this time. I went to the Wool Bar and treated myself to new knitting needles and these balls of beautiful yarn…

Loooovely, eh? I am hoping that these bundles of beauty will one day soon be a warm cardigan that looks like this. A bit scary for me as there are new stitches to be learned and I don’t want to ruin the beautiful yarn! I am very excited to get cracking, though…I will keep you all posted.

Another project I am keen to get started on is making some morsbags. Our Re-skilling Groupin Transition Town Worthing is currently promoting this project. Why not make pretty, reusable bags and learn to sew at the same time? Clever, huh? Luckily, one of our members is organizing a sewing workshop! Hurrah! How well timed is that? Perhaps, on top of the morsbags, I could make a funky skirt to go with my knitted cardigan? Wish me luck. Oh how I love creative projects and learning new skills!