The weekend

by Renee

It’s been a lovely weekend over here, but very cold. Okay, not as cold as back home in Canada, but definitely cold for UK standards. We might even get snow…

This weekend, we decided to join the newly formed herbal group at one of the nearby local nurseries. We will be starting a special herb garden at the nursery – a patch that could be used practically and for educating people. Herbs have always fascinated me – Mother Nature is so very clever. The above pics were taken from the nursery – these veggies are growing inside a polytunnel so that they are kept warm and protected over the winter. Don’t they all look so fresh and yummy? I wish I could grow veg like that! I feel another project and re-skilling moment coming…

I am also still knitting away – I have to projects on the go at the moment. I am totally addicted!

As well, I stumbled upon this website yesterday. How funny. I’ve been telling myself to be brave the past few days. Weeks. Months. I have to believe that if and when I take a leap, I’ll soar and fly instead of fall flat on my face.