Things are looking up

by Renee

Happy new year everyone! A week of 2011 has now gone by and I have to say that this year feels good. Everyone I know has the same feeling about this year, and it’s great to know. Let’s make it a FABULOUS one all around!

We had a lovely Christmas holiday in Canada with dear family and friends. There are so very many blessing and things to be grateful for, but I have to say, 2010 was an introspective year for me. Lots of thinking, lots of things to accept and face up to – it was a real call to be true to myself. So this year, I am going to make my goal easy and positive change, action and manifestation. It’s all about making more beautiful dreams into reality. And so with this in mind, I will do my Mondo Beyondo 2011 list in my delicious new journal…

Today, we walked around Cissbury Ring. I love, love, love this walk. Whatever the weather, it never fails to lift my spirits and blow the cobwebs away. Here are some pics from our walk:

And finally! I finished one of my knitting projects – the hot water bottle cover – yeah! I just need to put finishing touches (buttons!). Now I can go back to knitting my sweater/jumper. Oh how I’ve missed my knitting – creating and making is so good for the soul.

May your 2011 be bright and beautiful!