A magical time

by Renee

Once again, time has totally zooomed past and the busy-ness of things has taken over my blogging time. How I’ve missed my blog. So, in order to inspire myself and chivvy me along, I’ve refreshed my blog’s look (again) with the help of my sister. Hurrah! She designed my beautiful new banner 🙂 Thank you my C!

January and February were pretty rough, busy and tiring months physically, but now I feel so much more energetic. Hopefully, I’ll be able to finally update my blog more regularly. I think small and often is the key!

Remember last year I mentioned that I had my first ever pottery session experience? Well, the above is an image of the plaque I made 🙂 I used the word ‘brave’ because at that point, I just needed to make decisions, face up to things and take the plunge. I actually got the ‘brave’ theme from the inspiring Kelly Rae Roberts. Thanks, Kelly Rae!

There have already been many things I’ve had to be brave about this year – very exciting changes that are happening. Also, I’ve finally taken the plunge and signed up for a yoga teacher training course! Actually, this idea stemmed from the fact that I really wanted to deepen my yoga practice. And then I thought, why not get a teacher qualification while I was at it and share something I love with others?

So I did a lot of research and spoke to a number of yoga teachers. Thankfully, I found a course that totally resonates with my approach to and understanding of yoga, while also being flexible enough to accommodate my schedule (which I think will only get busier before the end of this year!). I went to my first assessment and yoga residential for the TT course last weekend and it was a truly positive and joyful experience. My body, mind and spirit all loved it! I learned so much in just two days. I am now eagerly looking forward to my next residential in early April. In case you want to check it out, I’ve signed up to the Ruth White yoga teacher training course. Ruth was a former student of the late BKS Iyengar.

Another item beginning to come true and unfold from my Mondo Beyondolist! Truly amazing!