Happy Easter and loving long weekends

by Renee

Hello! We just recently got back from a camping holiday in Somerset. We went back to our favourite campsite and stayed in one of these. It was bliss! We usually take our tent – which is great! – but this year, we thought we’d give ourselves a treat. What luxury to have a kettle, a toaster, a small fridge, small kitchen working space, a decking, and a small private garden area where I could do yoga in the mornings. There was also a window on the ceiling so we could stargaze while lying in bed. Lovely, lovely, lovely!

One of my favourite things about this campsite is the birds – it’s so comforting and ever so sweet to wake up to birdsong! We also went back to the beautiful and peaceful Chalice Well Gardens and walked up to and down from the Tor a few times over the course of the weekend. All these places have a way of rejuvenating and relaxing me – I heart it. All the walking, fresh aire and contemplation does me a world of good. I also treated myself to lots of new yoga clothes and books from the shops in Glastonbury. Oh – and ate lots of yummy food (of course!).

Here are some pics from our camping holiday – okay, it was really more a ‘glam-ping’ holiday – hee hee!

Views from the Tor…

Some found grafitti, on the way up the Tor and in town (I thought you’d especially like these, my C!)…