Braveness, authenticity, kindnesses and gratefulness

by Renee

It has been a while since I’ve been here – how I’ve missed it! Time just seems to be zooming by. I am currently taking an eCourse on blogging with Liv Lane called: How to Build a Blog You Truly Love. I decided to make time for this one and I am glad I did, because the course has so far given me lots of food for thought and I really think it will put me in good stead for keeping up with my blog and its purpose in the future.

So this week’s exercise calls on us to be BRAVE. To perhaps share a big reveal. This is almost like deja vu for me. I had to do something similar to this over a year ago – when I took my first ever Mondo Beyondo course in May last year. I decided to share my big list of dreams with beautiful, supportive people and I have to say that once I broke through my comfort zone there was no turning back. New doors, experiences and opportunities kept and keep opening up. Thank you, Universe!

Once again, I am called upon to be brave and authentic. So here, I will once again take the plunge and share something that I have not shared on my blog yet. In fact, I even dropped out of Facebook in order to protect this sacred and special dream come true – I just felt such a need to cherish and protect it. It was the top dream on my Mondo Beyondo list. But inner whispers keep telling me to forget the fear and CELEBRATE instead.

I am now 33 weeks pregnant 🙂

Now, why did that take such a lot of courage for me to admit, share and say, when so many others would easily and joyfully shout out the same news from rooftops? A couple of past losses and experiences, plus a surgery and a diagnosis I never expected over the past few years have taught me to keep it quiet; have made me feel I have to protect it. I was too scared to say anything in case I burst the bubble; in case history repeated itself; in case I tempted fate.

But I believed in myself and danced with the Universe, and here I am with a big dream coming true before me – I feel ever so grateful and blessed.

I’ve only ever so subtly touched upon this beautiful gift and experience so very rarely in my blog. I’ve only allowed myself sideways, ‘wink wink, nudge nudge’ type references that would only be recognized and picked up by people who truly know me. What a relief to be able to say it now – to say it proudly and with so much joy!

Yes, this is definitely one of the biggest ‘transitions’ in my life; and it moves me to further craft and create a joyous life and continue to live big dreams.

And now I can finally share some of the beautiful things created for us with so much love by some of my dearest friends:

A beautiful quilt handmade by my friend EeVon

A smart Gryffindor cardigan knitted by my friend Nicky

And…as a true testament to authenticity and some of the things I’ve been mulling over during Liv’s blogging eCourse, here’s a picture of me at 33 weeks. I very, very rarely put pics of me on my blog, but I thought it appropriate and right to do it this time around.

So now I let go of and realease all fears, anxieties and doubts.

Instead, I celebrate and feel deep gratitude for all the abundance and blessings.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!