Simple joys

by Renee

Today was a day filled with truly simple joys that I am deeply grateful for…

= a delicious lie-in while thoroughly enjoying this book. It’s so much easier to appreciate now in a modern re-telling by Peter Ackroyd than battling with it in old English while taking British literature at university!

= my dear friend Donna gave me a foot treatment and I am extremely delighted with my new tootsies. Now that I am 38 weeks pregnant, I can’t get to my feet to look after them properly – I can’t even see them! I feel so much better after my feet treat :o)


= we got our first abundant batch of veggies from one of our pioneering Transition Town Worthing members who is starting a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture). To find out more about what CSAs are, check out this video.

= the tastes of summer – fresh salads and light summer pasta…olives, cherry tomatoes, garlic, olive oil, red wine vinegar. Most of the ingredients were freshly picked from the CSA scheme. Mmmm!

And now I am enjoying a bowl of strawberries with mint leaves and a nice cup of raspberry leaf tea.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!