Simply a lovely day

by Renee

As I enjoy the quiet sacredness of maternity leave, a day like today is heartwarmingly and sweetly eventful. For one, I got some REAL mail from friends at work! Delightful! I love snail mail and I am happy to have started the art of letter writing with some really beautiful people. One of the packages contained this …

The watermelon boy illustration above comes from the book too. Isn’t it lovely? I am sure we will all enjoy it – thank you so much, Lynsey! What a well-chosen present!

Next exciting thing today…my lovely next door neighbour, Debbie, who is also a midwife (I can’t get over what a gift and blessing it is that she is right NEXT DOOR), offered to do a belly cast for me! WOW! It didn’t really cross my mind to do one, but when she offered, I thought, ‘Hey! Neat! Why not?’ I think it’s a good way to remember and document this wonderful experience. So we got all messy and crafty doing it, but it was all good fun. Here’s what we ended up with…

I am now just waiting for it to dry then I can paint it! Who would have thought pregnancy was so very full of creative possibilities? But then again, being pregnant is probably one of THE biggest acts of creating one can embark on, non?

So all in all, a very eventful and exciting day to punctuate my otherwise idyllic period of waiting and preparing. I am so grateful that I am surrounded by so many beautiful and lovely people.