by Renee

Our little Beatrix Gracie is four weeks old! I cannot believe how so very quickly time flies. Four weeks ago, I gave birth to our blessed, beloved baby girl at home. It seems so long ago and in my head it seems time has stood still – I feel like it’s still August, the middle of summer. But actually, it’s very autumnal now and it’s the middle of September! And it’s my dear, dear lovely Mom’s birthday – happy birthday Moomseh!

I’ve been telling dear family, friends and loved ones that the past four weeks have been an extremely sweet and beautiful baptism of fire. I have learned so very much from such a tiny person. The days have been filled with the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. People have said this to me before, but truly, nothing can prepare you for parenthood – the extreme challenges, the wonderful sweetness, the intensity of emotions, the overwhelming tiredness, the heavy flow of hormones, the moments of desperation and frustration. I feel like my heart is in someone else’s hands; relationships deepen, strengthen, intensify and become even more meaningful and special.

Some days are better than others, but gradually I am gaining more confidence. We are getting to know Bea more and she is getting to know us. I cannot stop staring at her with wonder, this teeny tiny person so dependent on us but who is already teaching us so very much. What a big transition we are all going through. I am humbled, grateful and truly blessed.

Beatrix – ‘blessed’; ‘blessing’; ‘a bringer of joy and happiness’