Being in the moment

by Renee

Recently, I’ve been really missing my yoga. Looking after my daughter is all consuming and I really have to make an effort to catch snatches of yoga time – whether it’s a stretch here and there or simply taking a few calming breaths.

However, being with my daughter and looking after her also reminds me of being in the moment. The NOW. That in itself is actually very yoga, non? I am reminded that yoga is not just about the asanas and the physical movements. It is also very much a state of mind and spirit. So whether I am walking, doing the laundry, having a giggle with Bea or changing a nappy, I try to make sure that I live every moment fully. Not dwell on the past or get too obsessed with planning the future.

I am very grateful for every moment and I bear in mind that as each moment passes, I won’t get it back.

I am learning so much every day.