This weekend…

by Renee

This weekend has been very exciting for all of us. Bea turned 24 weeks old yesterday and she had her first taste of solid food.

First up on her food adventure of a lifetime is (drum roll, please…) – broccoli!

She loves the stuff! The early parenting group we go to had the theme of ‘weaning and feeding’ last week. The health care visitors said to expect mess and fun. Yes, we had these. They also said that babies usually just have a few tiny spoonfuls of food and not to be disappointed if they don’t eat a lot at first; they may even refuse to have the food. Nope, we did not have this issue at all. On the contrary, our little trouper polished off a bowl of pureed broccoli with gusto! There was me thinking that mom or dad would have to polish off a bowl of mushed up broccoli. How very wrong I was – our little miss loved it and lapped it all up. So our question is…can we overfeed our baby? She even wanted more! She seems to have inherited my appetite for food – atta girl 🙂

Bea is growing so fast. We also changed her carry cot on the Bugaboo into the actual seat. At the rate she’s eating, she’ll be as big as me and wearing my clothes soon!

So tomorrow, what’s it going to be? Should I try her on carrots or butternut squash? Hmmm…