Excitements of today

by Renee

I know I’m definitely evolving and ‘transitioning’ now that the things that excite me are changing too…This package arrived in the post today and I’ve been really looking forward to this — CHEEKY WIPES!

It’s amazing how much waste tiny people generate, and how much energy and resources they require. I am far from perfect, but thinking about reducing waste, helping the planet and being conscious of overall health are pretty important to me; every little bit of consideration and effort count. These wipes are so clever. They are reusable and a lot gentler on Bea’s skin, especially now that she is teething and prone to rash. I find even the gentlest of disposable wipes still abrasive to Bea’s skin and they still have harsh chemicals, albeit to a lot less degree than some of the mainstream brands. The Cheeky Wipe creators even thought of how to organize the wipes and keep them tidy at home, and they supply you with bags to take the wipes with you for when you are out and about. Ah – so impressively, thoughtfully clever!(Cat – I thought of you and your readers while composing this post – I think it will be of interest :))Other ‘excitements’ in our household today…pureed carrot and Dr Seuss’s The Foot Book. Our little miss ate half a carrot – not bad for her first try, even though it was mushed up carrot!

(*note to Blogger.com peeps – what happened to the hard returns?!?!?!? I can’t break my paragraphs properly 😦 )