by Renee

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My parents came over to visit from Canada and they flew back yesterday. It was with tears and a heavy heart that I waved them off good-bye, but I was also ever so very thankful that they could come and spend some wonderful quality time with us, especially Bea. Family has always been very important to me, but even more so now that I have a daughter. I want Bea to have strong ties with her family and relatives. I want her to know that she is loved so very,very much. I want her to know that she has such a deep and rich heritage: she is British, Canadian and Filipino, with some Spanish in there too.

I used to think having so many parts to my identity was a disadvantage. I thought I belonged nowhere and no one understood. Now, however, I’m so very proud of my heritage and all parts of me. I’ve learned to turn my attitude around, thankfully. Instead of feeling like I belong nowhere – I feel lucky and rich and I belong everywhere. And I hope that Bea will feel the same.