Food buying group

by Renee

Today was a day of bounty – we collected our goodies from our small food buying group. Together with some friends, we order items in bulk from a co-op called Suma. The items we buy range from all sorts of dried goods, litres of organic olive oil, to soap and shampoo.

There are several reasons why we joined a food buying group:

= it’s more economical – items are cheaper and it saves you going to the supermarket
= it uses less packaging
= it forges a sense of community
= it cuts out the ‘middle man’
= it beats the system
= it is better overall financially and for the environment

Also, I just love unpacking the boxes and filling up our larder and kilner jars, arranging and organizing goodies on shelves. I feel so efficient and organized; there’s this feeling of satisfaction and comfort that comes with knowing we have a ‘stock’ of various items and staple goods.

If you’d like to have a go and start your own food buying group, have a look at this link for a bit more info.