Weekend milestones

by Renee

Sven and I always give each other cards with two characters representing us. The funnier and odder the card, the better!

Yesterday was our 11th (!) wedding anniversary and Bea turned 34 weeks old. For a mini family celebration, we went to lovely Chichester for the day and had a stroll around the town and the cathedral grounds. We then went to this cafe where Bea, once again, met some new friends and admirers – bless her!

It made me reflect on how truly blessed I am. How Sven and I have known each other all these years and have grown and evolved together. How different we were in 1999, when we first met, from the people we are now. And now we have our beautiful Bea.

One very major thing that Sven and I have evolved towards is the idea of a life in ‘transition’. It has been nearly three years since we co-founded Transition Town Worthing (TTW) with some very lovely and like-minded people. How things and life have changed since then!

I love the idea of Transition Towns – it really gives me the inspiration and vehicle to be more than just an ‘armchair activist’. It has made me more positive and pro-active; it has made me believe that I can be the change I want to see.

The arrival of our daughter and our aim to simplify all aspects of our lives has meant that we’ve also had to scale back on many commitments.¬†The idea of even something relatively small like Transition Towns feels very big and overwhelming at the moment. However, I’d like to think that I can apply the transition concepts in my own ways, every day, to my new idea of ‘transition family’ – an even smaller and more bite-size chunk towards our goals and dreams. No meetings, no politics, no egos involved – just quiet, positive actions. More doing. More impact. More progress.

Family portrait, Patisserie Valerie, Chichester. Can you see me?

Happy anniversary to my chum, my wonderful partner and team mate! Here’s to many many more love-filled, happy, joyful and blessed years together!