Jubilee weekend

by Renee

We saw this beautiful swan on its nest during our walk today. Did you know that the Queen owns all the swans in England, so technically, is the only one allowed to eat them???

It’s a long weekend here – people are celebrating the Queen’s diamond jubilee to mark her 60 years of service to the people of Great Britain. Wow. I wonder if she ever wishes she was just a ‘normal’ person?

Over here at Hilltop, we also have some things to celebrate:

The members of Transition Findon (us!) finally got to watch InTransition 2.0. Very inspiring. It’s reminded me of why I got involved in the transition movement. I really feel like I should reconnect with transition work in some way after a long hiatus due to new motherhood…ideas are bubbling in my head…watch this space…

One of my friends, who also happens to be my awesome violin teacher, did something amazing this weekend for International Children’s Day. She organized for a street closure on the road where she lives so that she and her neighbours can reclaim the street and have children (and adults) play outside. So refreshing and inspiring. How amazing what one person can do when they’ve got the passion and the determination. Well done, lovely Kathryn! You’re so inspiring. For information, check out the Playing Out project.

We’ve now also (finally!) moved our little miss to her new and bigger bedroom – she is now 41 weeks old! The mural is almost finished. Little Bea is celebrating her new special space by doing lots of crawling around, inspecting every nook and corner.

We also met up with some very dear friends we haven’t seen for a while. It’s always nice to have some deep, positive and meaningful conversations with beautiful people.

Hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend, filled with wonderful things to celebrate.