Simplicity parenting

by Renee

I am not sure where time is going, but I don’t seem to have a whole lot of it these days. My head seems crammed with a whole lot of ideas and projects to do, but I am not having much success in achieving anything. I am feeling overwhelmed…eeep!

Anyone who knows me knows that:

a) when I am not happy about a situation, I will definitely do something to change or ‘fix’ it

b) I love all sorts of courses and learning new things

And so…

I’ve recently started an eCourse on Simplicity Parenting – based on Kim John Payne’s book of the same title – in the hopes of furthering my goals for simplicity in the home (and all aspects of my life) while also meeting like-minded souls in the simplicity parenting community. Our course leader is Kathy Stowell and she runs the course with such enthusiasm and positivity. The ideas and tips in the book/course are not only for parenting – they are applicable to all levels of my life right now, which is very good as I just feel so disorganized and ‘cluttered in the head’ these days. Unfortunately, the clutter does not stop in my head – it seems to be manifesting itself in my surroundings as well and it’s making me feel all twitchy!

I will keep you posted on my ongoing journey towards more simplicity…