Happy 3rd birthday, Wool Bar!

by Renee

It has been three years since I first stepped into the first incarnation of The Wool Bar in our town. And it definitely was the beginning of a most beautiful friendship.

This Saturday, Caroline Wilbor – The Wool Bar‘s owner – celebrated the happy event by having a sale. Mmmm…lovely yarns. I love this shop for so many reasons – Caroline is so helpful, lovely and inspiring and the shop is so beautifully decorated and presented. As one of the customers this weekend said, being in her shop is like being in heaven. I couldn’t agree more – the vibe here is so friendly, inviting and comforting. One is always welcome for a cuppa, knit and chat. There have been many times I’ve run to Caroline with my projects, asking for advice – me in mild panic as she calmly helps me unpick and un-knit my random and accidental knitting disasters ‘designs’. And she’s always, always sorted me out 🙂

As well, I feel that The Wool Bar embodies a lot of what is important about transition towns – something I really support and believe in:

= It promotes a sense of community.

= Caroline stocks some ethically sourced products/wool.

= It’s a local shop with heaps of individuality and personality and it supports many local crafters, artists and worthy organizations. Caroline has also supported Transition Town Worthing in various projects such as knitting blankets for the Worthing Churches Homeless Projects.

= It encourages the re-visiting and re-learning of old skills, promoting a ‘can do’ attitude!

= Caroline had a positive vision and she made it a reality. I will always remember the quote she had up in her first shop: ‘Dreams do come true’.

Isn’t it all just brimming with loveliness?

Needless to say, I treated myself to some more delicious yarns and a book of patterns. Lucky I now have Bea to knit for 🙂

Happy Birthday, Wool Bar – here’s to many, many more to come! And thank you, Caroline, for making your dream come true!