Yarn Along: One finished, one started

by Renee

Now that my wrists are feeling much better, I am back to my knitting with gusto and fervour. Lucky there is Bea to knit for!

I finally finished my first knitted dress for Bea. Not perfect, but I am very proud of it – it’s been made with heaps and heaps of love and I had a good time making it. Here’s the result…

Bea seems quite happy with it, too – she’s already attempted to eat the buttons (I made sure to sew them on snug and tight).

I still have a couple more projects for Bea in the pipeline…pretty yarns and needles at the ready. In the meantime, I thought I’d take a bit of a breather and knit something simple. Look at these lovely balls of yarn…

I am making a simple lacy scarf…

So with me back to my knitting, I decided to Yarn Along with Svenna and Ginny, and all the wonderful knitters out there.

Happy stitching!

ps – I’ll make sure to include a picture of the book I am reading next time. At present, I am reading and ‘digesting’ Simplicity Parenting by Kim John Payne.

pps – I hope you like my new header image as much as I do! My beautiful sister helped me with it – thanks SO much my C!