Village happenings

by Renee

This weekend something very exciting happened in our sweet and small village. One of the residents opened up a new cafe…Julia’s Kitchen!

Their opening coincided with my Saturday morning, when Bea gets to spend a bit of Daddy time, while I get to spend a very rare period of ‘me time’ and battery-recharging time.

I sat in a cozy corner at the back of the cafe, enjoying a delicious cup of hot chocolate with my book and current knitting project. As I sat there enjoying the buzz and atmosphere, chatting to the other customers and village residents, I eventually caved in and treated myself to a yummy veggie breakfast.

They also sell some local veggies, cakes and other goodies…

We’ll be sure to take our families and friends here when they come to visit. We wish Julia and her family every success in their endeavour!

I am so glad we have another community hub in the village. Findon just became even sweeter.