Yarn Along: Still at it!

by Renee

In spite of knitting daily and working diligently on my lacy scarf, it is still not finished…the Debbie Bliss ‘Angel’ yarn goes on for miiiiiiiles, and perhaps I’m just not a very fast knitter.

As well, the purple ball of kiwi yarn has somehow unravelled and I have to keep working through knots as I knit…yikes! One more thing I have learned for next time: keep it simple and just knit with one ball of yarn, not a combo.

The above combined means that I have to be patient and wait until I can start my next project. Knitting truly does teach one to be patient, to appreciate the slow and to properly finish a project that has been started and to see it through. Hopefully, I’ll have more exciting knitting progress to share next week 🙂

Is anyone else out there feeling slightly stuck with their knitting?

On other knitting-related news, I have now started to explore and use Ravelry. Ooooh! What a beautiful resource and community it is.

Happy knitting!