Yarn Along: A summer’s day

by Renee

Finally! Summer seems to have arrived in Britain…at least for this week…

I am happy to report that I’ve been very productive on the knitting front for most of the past week. I’ve finished one of the sleeves for the kaftan and have started on the next one.

However, knitting has slowed over the past couple of days as Bea has somehow managed to get tonsilitis! Have you ever had tonsilitis? I’ve had it twice and it’s just awful. I don’t like things getting in the way of my eating and enjoying food. You’ll see from my latest picture update that I’ve been looking through the What to Expect the First Year (while also reading a pop-up animal alphabet book with Bea). Actually, the days that I’ll be referring to this book are numbered because Bea is turning one (!!!) in August. I’ve been a mom for nearly a year – wow!

It’s simply wonderful to sit on a picnic blanket in the garden under a parasol while the sun is shining. While taking a break from knitting, I managed to lie back, look at the sky and admire the view…

Hope you’re all enjoying the sunshine. Happy knitting!