Yarn Along: Slowly but surely

by Renee

Hello! I’ve missed being here and joining Yarn Along last week. We’ve had lots of visitors and activity here at Hilltop, so I am bit  behind on blogging and knitting.

However, I have now finished both sleeves for Bea’s hooded kaftan – yay! I have now cast on for the back section of the project. This means I’ll soon be using different colours of the Eco Baby yarn and doing stripes 🙂

I was reading one of Amanda’s (SouleMama) posts recently and was inspired to purchase Tracey Clark’s book, Elevating the Everyday, for the Kindle app on my iPad. The book is beautiful. It’s also loaded with tips, wisdom and inspiration – I highly recommend it. I thought I’d treat myself – I am sure the book will help me to take better images for my records and this blog. It will also be a lovely companion as I continue this wonderful journey through motherhood. The book has come at an apt time and period — Bea is turning one in less than a couple of weeks! I want to make sure we live every moment and document each milestone and elevate the ordinary as best as I can.

Hope you are all keeping happy, creative and inspired.