Yarn Along – some slight changes…

by Renee

I am steadily working my way through Bea’s hooded kaftan. Remember last week I said I’ll be doing stripes? I still kind of am…but I’ve decided to make them more into colour bands/blocks rather than stripes. I wanted my knitting to flow more and I thought that by doing this, I’ll have less ‘tails’ to sew in once the knitting side of things is all done.

These days, I feel like a butterfly flitter-fluttering among wonderful books. I am currently looking at Vegan Cupcakes. It is Bea’s first birthday next week and I’d really like to bake her some cupcakes. There’s a good carrot cupcake recipe in the book. I also want to make some sock puppets and bunting, but I don’t have much time to spare. Don’t you sometimes wish we could purchase some bottled time? Or sleep?

Happy knitting and happy reading.