Yarn Along: A slight change of pace

by Renee

As mentioned in my post last week, I have decided to take a little break from Bea’s kaftan to knit a hat. I am using a pattern from Ravelry called ‘Wurm’. It feels loooovely to knit with the Artesano wool that was recommended to me at the Wool Bar. It just feels so autumnal…so cozy…so comforting!

It’s been a while since I knitted in the round – it feels good and I think I’ll be making more hats. I heart hats (and I also love my Knit Pro needles – a treat to myself a year or so ago)!

I also wanted to share the following items that I received from beautiful people for my birthday:

My sister gave me this beautiful skein of sock yarn from Studio Loo. She has made me promise to use it to make something for myself. Mmmmm…what should I make? Suggestions welcome 🙂

For reading this week, I am looking through one of the presents my husband gave me: Knits for Nerds. Can you tell he’s a Star Wars fan? At first, I thought this book will be full of costumes to knit. Actually, there are some lovely things in here that could be used not just for Halloween or a fancy dress party.

Like this cable knit vest that S wants me to knit for him…

Or this shawl I wouldn’t mind knitting for myself…

However, there are also, of course, patterns for Princess Leia’s hair dos!

One of my sisters is here visiting from Canada (yay!) and it’s the village Sheep Fair this weekend. Lots to look forward to.

Hope you are all having fun and enjoying every knitting moment.