Yarn Along: Persevering

by Renee

I was getting flowing knitting in the round until I hit a section that called for picking up stitches. This is one of my least liked knitty things to do…only topped by sewing in ends/sewing pieces together. I shall persevere, though.

Still reading Organized Simplicity – lots of food for thought. I am really determined to de-clutter and simplify on all levels. But getting the house sorted out is tricky, no matter how hard I try. Where does all the stuff come from?!?! We don’t even buy that much stuff. As with my knitting, I shall persevere.

Someone’s busily trying to get into Mummy’s knitting bag…

It’s autumn again and I am reminded of the fact that I have a sweater that I’ve been working on for myself for almost two years now. Don’t you find it more difficult to knit stuff for yourself than for others? I have two projects for Bea (one in progress – the kaftan); I am now working on a hat (a present); Sven has requested a cable vest; one of my sisters has requested a hat, and my other sister has requested a pair of socks (oooh! a first-time knitting endeavour). I have a feeling that all of these will be attempted and done before I return to my sweater…but that’s okay, right? Maybe I’ll knit myself a hat instead.

Hope you are all enjoying the coming of autumn – I love the fresh crispness in the air.

Happy knitting šŸ™‚