Book love

by Renee

This weekend has been an extremely productive one for us. On top of our every day family ‘busyness’, we were able to sort out a lot of stuff and take a big stride towards a simpler home environment. We gave away and got rid of quite a bit. We tidied, cleaned and de-cluttered. We re-arranged and moved furniture, and the energy feels more flowy. The living room really feels like a ‘living’ room, where we all want to relax and hang out. It feels really good. Loved. Cozy. It all feels safer and child friendlier for Bea, too.

However, we always find books difficult to give away. I did do a bit of a cull (I can be ruthless – yes!), but I am convinced that I am going to love the books I’ve got left behind even more.

We made a space for my craft books on one of the living room shelves. I am so happy about this. It means I can better dip in and out of these beautiful, inspiring treasures more often now that they are more visible and easily accessible. They were just all tucked away upstairs, forlornly waiting for me to pick them up. Hopefully, this quest for simplicity will also help to encourage my creativity.

As we continue to keep working on our home, I bear this William Morris quote in mind:

‘Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.’

Home sweet home.