Yarn Along: Getting there…

by Renee

This week has been busy (hence this delayed post – sorry!). Bea has somehow contracted another cold (a bad and heavy one); I am busily working through a freelance project for a new client; and had to prepare for Sven’s birthday.

Still, I’ve been able to squeeze pockets of knitting here and there. This hat pattern is so addictive and calming. If I’m not careful, I might just forget where I am and go on and on, and end up with a long tube instead of a hat!

The book in the picture is something that I’ve been looking at every single day, every mealtime, over the past few weeks. It’s about the English seaside and Bea just LOVES it. She loves looking at the pictures as I do a narration about every item. I’ve been trying to expand our picture book repertoire, but she always goes back to this one!

Hope you are all happily knitting and getting more varied reading materials 🙂