Yarn Along: So near, yet so far…

by Renee

I totally missed taking part in Yarn Along last week 😦 We’ve been totally swept off our feet and, well, it was a bit on the rough and stressful side. So not much time for blogging or knitting. However, we keep going and always  look on the bright side 🙂 Things seem to be more on an even keel now…fingers crossed!

The wurm hat is almost there…I am hoping that by next week, I’ll be able to show all of you a finished product. Then I can go back to working on the baby kaftan while I decide what ‘small’ project to work on next in between. I wish I knitted faster – I think I need to improve my technique, but I guess no two people knit exactly the same way, right?

For reading, I’ve been totally immersing myself (whenever I can) in my Whole Food Kitchen ecourse. There’s definitely a LOT of food for thought in there (pun intended 🙂 ). I am really enjoying it, but I have to accept the fact that the changes I’d like to make/incorporate further in our kitchen and diets will take a bit of time. Baby steps.

I am also reading a LOT of a certain book…Bea has moved on from the English seaside book to one called The Self Sufficient-ish Bible. Good taste in books, huh? She loves looking at the pictures of all the veg and animals, while I, of course, provide the commentary.

This is Bea’s favourite page in the entire book. A mole!

Right, I am off to do one of the recommended activities in my ecourse (while Bea does her catnap…), which is to sit quietly in the kitchen (with a nice cup of tea), to enjoy it and visualize how I’d like it to be…

Hope you are all keeping happy and well, enjoying knitting and reading by the fire…