And just like that…

by Renee

Our dear baby Bea has turned into a toddler!

I am sure Bea’s shiny new wellies will be muddier than ours at some point soon πŸ™‚

On the 17th of September (my mom’s birthday), Bea took two steps on her own. Just like that. She was so calm, understated and casual about it that Steve and I looked at each other to ask, ‘Did she just do what I think she just did?’.

There’s been no looking back since then. She’s been gaining confidence daily, practicing her new skill. Aren’t these milestones so bittersweet? They seem to happen so quickly. With toddlerhood come new joys and challenges (oh yes, the challenges). Bea’s light and personality are becoming more and more apparent. She laughs, expresses opinions and effectively communicates; she’s very affectionate. Suddenly, she’s become a more discerning eater…refusing to be spoonfed, choosing to feed herself crunchy things with distinct textures. I can barely keep up. I am in awe and I am ever so grateful.

I keep one of theseΒ and I started it around this time last year. How far we’ve come! Bea was only a couple of months old at this point last year, and now we go to playgrounds so she can practice walking and her other fast-developing skills. She has changed so much and so dramatically. I’ve changed too – but more gradually and in more subtle ways. I am still getting used to this new person I am becoming. Still the same me, I think, but with a new facet and dimension.

Every day, I just hope that I am able to be the best mom I can possibly be, so that Bea can be the best Bea she can be πŸ™‚