Our Kitchen

by Renee

The Whole Food Kitchen ecourse is now well underway and I am already learning such a lot, and at my own pace. It’s making me think and it’s making me even more aware of what I’m putting in my body (and my family’s) and where it’s coming from. The course is so inspiring and informative – so jam-packed with information. I highly recommend it.

The past couple of weeks in the course have looked at kitchen organization – from how our kitchen is set up to meal planning. My organized, ‘control freaky-ish’ nature loves this. However, being organized and on top of things tend to be just that bit trickier while looking after a toddler 🙂

Taking a leaf from Bea’s book – I keep thinking ‘baby steps’. I am hoping to be able to apply meal planning to our food/eating routines soon. Already, we’ve already put into action a couple of things since I started the course:

= we’ve started to make our own bread again, especially as Bea likes bread. Even the organic store-bought bread contains so much salt!

= I am eating more healthily, especially as Bea now watches me very closely and copies what I do. So whatever it is I am eating in front of her during mealtimes, she is very likely to ask for and try!

Baby steps.

I will also take with me these two quotes that have been mentioned during the course:

‘Celebrate the positives.’

‘The kitchen is a workspace. A food studio.’

Isn’t that great? I’ve never thought of the kitchen as a food ‘studio’. It makes so much sense! It’s making me see our kitchen as an extra ‘craft room’ – a place where I can also have fun and express creativity.

(Note: Sorry I am not yarning along today; I am hoping to have lots of knitting progress to report next week 🙂 )