Yarn Along: Slow, but steady

by Renee

It’s getting colder. This means wanting to be warmer and cozier, which means a bit more knitting in front of the fire. The kaftan is coming on slowly and steadily – I’ve now shaped the armholes for the back portion and I’ve also started on the new band of colour.

Last week, I met up with my dear friend Leafy and we exchanged belated birthday presents. I gave her the Wurm hat and she gave me a subscription to this luscious magazine…

Needless to say, I’ve been visually devouring every page.

I’ve also been doing reading and catch up on my ecourse. It really is very good. This week’s focus is not just on the making of the food, but on the presentation of it and also developing a good eating atmosphere. The course is so lovely I don’t want it to end.

Oh – and see those three new balls of yarn? I decided I’d make myself a Wurm hat in that colour. I am not sure when this hat will materialize, but I will keep you all posted 🙂

And before I go, I thought I’d share this manifesto which was in the Mollie Makes magazine.  I am sure you’ll be able to appreciate and relate to it.

Keep warm and happy knitting!