Yarn Along: Various projects

by Renee

The above image shows a summary of my knitting projects at the moment: still working on the kaftan; I had to re-cast on the special pressie as it somehow went a bit awry (eep!); and I’ve wound a skein into a ball in an attempt to soon cast on a Wingspan shawl (watch this space)…

I also couldn’t resist putting this part of the kaftan on Bea to try it on for size. Slow and gradual progress. I am enjoying it, and am I glad I decided to knit the size for 24-36 months! I need the time. Phew. Bea seems to approve of it, though. Yay!

On the reading front, still keeping up and ‘digesting’ the inspiring information (and food!) in my Whole Food Kitchen ecourse.

Happy knitting!