Yarn Along: Winging it

by Renee

It’s been ever so busy around here. I have a freelance picture research project that I am working on, so most of my free time is taken up with that. Tiny pockets of time for knitting. Hardly any for reading. Hardly any for blogging or visiting my favourite blogs. 😦

I can only manage my wingspan scarf as it’s all knit, knit, knit and does not require much thinking and concentration. It’s soothing and calming. And I need even more of this right now as I don’t think Bea is feeling very well and has suddenly become tantrumy, loud and screechy. Where has my sweet-dispositioned, good-natured girl gone? Let’s hope this phase passes soon – the more frustrated she gets, the calmer I have to be. Not so easy at times…having to dig deep and breathe deep…

Garter stitching – knit, knit, knit – is what’s keeping me going. Along with meditation, yoga, cooking and oh, a nice fire…

Happy knitting!