Orange moments

by Renee

Instead of doing SouleMama‘s ‘This moment’ today, I thought I’d devote a blog post to a different kind of moment – our orange kind of moment…

Orange moment

Recently, after running around doing chores, looking after our home and most importantly, looking after Bea, I found myself needing a moment to breathe and pause. So I just grabbed an orange, plopped on the kitchen floor, leaned against the door and proceeded to peel the orange.

Bea was running around, but she totally stopped dead in her tracks when she saw what I was doing. She gave me a BIG beaming smile, ran to where I was and immediately sat down beside me. She then asked for (pointed at) a piece of my orange (it was actually more a clementine). We sat there together for a few moments and paused – enjoying each other’s company, giggling and laughing, savouring and sharing the orange.

What a sweet moment it was.

And now, every time I mention the word orange, or if Bea would like one – she just goes to that part of our kitchen, plops down on the floor, points at our collection of oranges and waits for me to sit with her and have an orange.

Have a lovely weekend, everyone!