This weekend…

by Renee


~ I shed tears for the people of Newtown, CT and send prayers for love, light and healing.
~ we baked bread and made soup – there’s been lots of bread and soup making these days.
~ there was time for knitting – yay!
~ some chores were left undone – nevermind…
~ new books have arrived (!)
~ a proofreading job hasn’t turned up…
~ we continued to decorate our tree and home.
~ we played fun and silly family games.
~ we had lots of family hugs
~ we had our weekly chat with the grandparents
~ we went to a hypnobirthing Christmas reunion – it was lovely to meet up with friends and other moms, marvelling at how our little ones are growing and developing so very quickly.

Have a wonderful week ahead!

Joining with Amanda’s Weekending at The Habit of Being.