by Renee

Weekending_13Jan13This weekend…

~ we had pizza night on Friday night
~ had lots of rain and cold = lots of wellie wearing and boot wearing – my favourite types of footwear!
~ saw a lot of me knitting! yay, yay, yay!
~ I spent some time at my favourite local yarn shop and got help with a project I was stuck with (hopefully, I am now well on my way to being ‘un-stuck’)
~ was quiet, low-key and full of family time
~ we had fun and lovely video chats with grandparents in Canada and the UK
~ we met up with dear, dear friends who are off on an adventure (living on a boat!) – and they have gifted us with their Kitchen Aid mixer/blender – wowee!
~ saw us hanging in front of the wood burner a lot
~ the three of us went for a lovely walk

Hope you all had a beautiful weekend – enjoy the week ahead 🙂

Joining in with Amanda for Weekending.