The weekend…

by Renee

Weekending_27Jan13This weekend was pretty low-key, quiet and productive for us. Here are some of the highlights…

~ sun!
~ the three of us going out and about, enjoying the sunshine and mild weather
~ a bit of me time while Steve and Bea went out for a daddy-and-daughter walk
~ an asleep and curled up cat purring loudly beside me
~ a bit of time at the Wool Bar
~ a bit of knitting time
~ a bit of reading time
~ some teamwork to get all the housework and chores done
~ delicious meals – pesto and risotto – yum!
~ hanging out together on the sofa – chatting, reading, knitting and having cups of tea/hot chocolate
~ catching up with my family and friends (video chats, gmail chats, messages, emails – what would I do without technology?)
~ catching up with my lovely gratitude buddy and planning our meet up in April
~ Bea sitting on my lap as we looked at books together
~ Bea pulling in me in for a hug and a kiss and holding me close for a while – it was so very sweet and moving.

I am very grateful 🙂

Here’s wishing you all a wonderful week ahead!

* weekending with Amanda