Yarn Along: First square on the afghan project

by Renee


I have now finished my first square on the afghan project. It’s a snowflake 🙂 I thought it would be easier to do just a simple moss stitch for the second square instead of doing another snowflake…but it’s actually taking me longer to do the straight moss! Nevermind – I thought it would be nice to have some plain squares – I like the pauses it will offer to the overall afghan design. I am now looking forward to the next design and ball of yarn for February.

On the reading front, I am thoroughly enjoying Heaven on Earth. It makes so much sense to me and I am glad I am able to read it while Bea is still young enough for me to apply some of its wonderful ideas. It’s all about simplicity, creativity, respect and most importantly – love.

Hope you are all happily knitting and reading.