by Renee


This weekend:

~ we enjoyed more family time – just the three of us and our cat Guin; it sounds a bit anti-social, but we like it this way right now – time is precious!
~ I discovered Instagram – fun!
~ there was a LOT of rain, so…
~ there was more bread making
~ there was more soup making (puy lentils, spinach and tomatoes this time – with a punch of garlic!)
~ Bea slept in – yay!
~ Steve did his first ever Big Tidy Up around the village pre-school – we are very proud of him!
~ there was a lot of chortles and giggles and cuddles
~ is seeing the back of my coughing and spluttering…slowly, but surely
~ there was a lot of listening to music on vinyl – such a warming thing to do
~ we all went to the library – and Bea took a shine to a little boy – so much so that when he said good-bye before leaving, she ran after him and gave him a hug!

Hope you all had a lovely one, too. Enjoy the week ahead.

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