by Renee

Cousin love <3

Cousin love ❤

Peek-a-boo with Nanny

Peek-a-boo with Nanny

On the road...

On the road…

We spent the latter half of the week and part of the weekend visiting family in Devon (around a five-hour drive from us). This weekend saw:

~ lots of fun times with Nanny, Pop, Uncle Jamie, Auntie Amanda and cousins Ellie and Luna
~ naps in the car
~ Bea being a trooper throughout the trip – no fuss during the long drives
~ some knitting in the car
~ lots of cold weather
~ cups of tea and hot chocolate
~ being looked after by family and given special treats
~ one night being awake around 1-3am due to teething pains (ungh) – nevermind – we just rolled with that, and Bea and I got to spend some sweet Mummy-and-Bea time, having little chats and reading books
~ sorting things out once home and starting to get ready for our big Canada trip in April

Hope you all had a lovely weekend with lots of family fun and love. Enjoy the week ahead.

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