by Renee


Bits from our weekend:

~ time to myself visiting the yarn shop and doing some chores and cooking (very meditative) while S took Bea out for a lovely walk
~ just simply hanging out at home and having some good laughs
~ knitting time!
~ listening to this highly enjoyable book on Audible while knitting
~ soup making
~ bread making
~ getting some stuff organized and done for our forthcoming family visit to Canada
~ time at the library
~ spent some time calming down and soothing an easily frustrated toddler when tired and hungry
~ hanging out with our cat (who is at this moment purring loudly right next to me)
~ casting on a new knitting project
~ finishing my February afghan squares
~ catching up with family on video chats
~ finding lovely new blogs like this one

Hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend! Enjoy the week ahead πŸ™‚

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