by Renee


Here are some bits and bobs from our weekend:

~ a haircut! a haircut! a long-overdue haircut for me!
~ a little bit of quiet time – steve took bea out for a little jaunt
~ having to do some frogging on bea’s kaftan (which i talked about here) – success!
~ giving cabling a go – success at first, but it then turned into a slight disaster. had to start over. bah. onwards and upwards.
~ bea crawling on my lap for cuddles and stories
~ some time for writing *real* notes and letters, and going to the good old-fashioned post office to mail them.
~ one of my cool friends has launched her blog; she also happens to be my violin teacher 🙂

Today is also UK Mother’s Day – my second one 🙂 We went spent some time at a big lovely park with lots of playgrounds, then had a light lunch. Bea loved it. She fell asleep almost instantly for her nap as we drove home. Here’s the card she chose for me:


As my family are in Canada, they also ensure I celebrate the Canadian Mother’s Day, which is in May. Aren’t I lucky getting to spend this very special day twice a year?

Hope you all had a beautiful weekend. Lovely wishes for the week ahead.

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