On blogging

by Renee

On blogging

I’ve been doing some blog maintenance recently (some updates here and here) and working on my blog has made me re-assess a lot of things: Why do I blog? Who am I writing for? My blog has evolved from this to what it is now. It truly has grown with me; it has witnessed major and subtle changes over the past few years. I’ve been blogging for about three years now and in that time, boy, have I evolved. And this soapbox of mine has seen it all.

Early on I used to ask, ‘What do I write about?’. Now that I am a mom, I find a have a lot more to say. But now I also I don’t have much time. And with so many things to think about, these wisps of thoughts and ideas disappear just as quickly as they flash into my head.

However, I have to make time. Like knitting and journalling, this place gives me solace. It allows me to clear some space inside and make sense of my thoughts and the usual cacophony in my head.

I first started blogging to keep my friends and family up to date with things going on in my life. I like how it makes me focus on the more positive and lighter side of things (I try to reserve my ‘darker’ thoughts for my pen and journal). Now, happily, I am finding more and more that I blog for, well, me! And it’s a great feeling. Made even greater by the fact that I have found a beautiful and supportive community of blogging friends joining me on my journey. What a gift this is!

This community is invaluable to me – especially as I feel very alone and isolated sometimes living where we live, staying at home with our toddler. Through blogging, I’ve found a dear ‘gratitude buddy‘ and a lovely friend who I now exchange *real* letters with (one on its way to you, Svenna). I am so grateful for all the beautiful blogs and bloggers I’ve encountered and have yet to discover. Blogging has also expanded my creative comfort zones – through knitting, photography, writing, cooking and so much more. Isn’t technology a wonderful thing?

No matter where I am, my blog is there for me. It’s like a little bit of home wherever I am. And I find that a great comfort.